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Time-saving tips for moving office like a pro

Moving office, while exciting, takes up a lot of time. You can get your team to do their part, but it’s not easy coordinating so many people. The everyday work still has to be done, and that always needs to come first.

If you’re about to move office, this article is for you. Prepare yourself with these time-saving tips for your move, and hopefully you’ll avoid having to go into the office over a weekend (or two) to get things done. The magical trick is to use little pockets of time here and there, ticking off one task at a time.

How to relocate your business, without the headaches

Let’s go through six of the tips we’ve discovered:

  1. Create a week-by-week planner. It’s important to organise your time in the right way. The best way to do this is to plan your move in a calendar. Take a sheet of paper and write down all the things you need to do before you move out. You can also use a Google document so your staff can see this, too. Talk to your employees about the move in the early planning stages. See if they have any needs that aren’t currently being met in their own workstations.
  2. Check the opening hours of your new office. Management might close the space after normal business hours. Ask if you can get your keys early. Talk to them about any specific requirements of the building. If there’s work that you’d like done on the place, it’s best to have it done before you move in, when the rooms are empty.
  3. Reprint marketing materials. You’ll need to update your address on business cards, envelopes, letter heads, stationary, and your website. Make a list of all the products that list your address. This is an important step which could easily be forgotten or overlooked.
  4. Connect data and other services. Your business most likely relies on the internet. Make sure there’s no downtime once you’ve made the move by organising your internet connection first. If you’re moving IT equipment, be wary of the time it takes to take apart your systems and put them back together afterwards. If your phone number will be changing with the move, make sure you arrange with your phone service provider to have calls to the old number redirected to the new one for a period of time so clients and contacts can still reach you.
  5. Allocate a few boxes to each employee. The last thing you want is for your team to panic because they can’t find their items! Avoid this by marking a few boxes with the name of each employee. Get them to pack these themselves. This way, they know exactly what is where.
  6. Start packing early. To assist with a fast and efficient office relocation, start packing up any items you won’t be using in the immediate future as early as you can. Archived documents and infrequently used equipment or furniture can be packed up and set aside well ahead of moving day to prevent last minute rushing. The more organised you are early in the process, the faster and smoother things will run during the actual move.

Hire a team of moving experts to fast-track the process. Remember, time is money. Our commercial removalists can take care of the whole move for you.

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