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How to stay organised when relocating

How to stay organised when relocating

It’s probably not until you start packing that you realise just how much stuff you have. It’s about this moment when you start to freak out.

Relocating is a big job. It takes time. Allow yourself time to dedicate to the process.

We’ve got a handful of other tips to help make the moving process easier, quicker and less of a headache.

Follow these 10 moving tips:

  1. Create a moving box

    This should have everything in it that you need to start packing. Things like packing tape, labels, tape measure, marker, scissors, tape, and anything else that you need. Add all the tools you need that will easily get lost.

  2. Collect a bunch of boxes

    If you know anyone who has moving boxes already, ask if you can take them off their hands. Otherwise your removalist should provide boxes that you can purchase.

  3. Cull as you go

    If you come across something you haven’t used in six months, don’t pack it. Donate it, or throw it out instead. Be honest, you’re not going to use it anyway.

  4. Colour code all your boxes

    Assign a colour for each room. For example, kitchen is the yellow box. This will make it easy to find things when you’re in your new house.

  5. Rate each box

    Another good way of organising the truckload of boxes that will be arriving at your new house is to rate every box. This way, you can put the lower rating at the back of a room. An example of a number one box could be your PlayStation. You’re probably not going to need it the first night in your new place.

Feeling motivated? Ok, let’s do this.

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