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How to Save Moving Costs When You Hire a Professional Removalist

Moving house doesn’t just cost you time. There’s a financial component involved in shifting all your belongings over to your new home, too. To save costs, some people choose to do it all themselves, but this way is rarely ever easy or fast!

Choosing to move yourself may mean you end up having to take a lot of time off work – which simply costs you directly (in reduced wages) or uses up your holidays, neither of which are good solutions.

But with a recent Domain article saying removalist companies are some of the most expensive tradespeople, what are your choices?

Do you save money on the cost of moving house by rounding up your friends to help? You risk damaging your items and transporting them without insurance. Plus, there go your days off!

Luckily, by using a reliable, professional removal company, paired with a bit of DIY, you can reap the benefits of both options – saving you money and the headache!

Local budget movers 

You can find reputable companies with great insurance coverage and experienced removalists without having break the budget. Just do your research. Read online reviews and ask your friends, family members or colleagues who they have moved with.

It’s also important to partner with a company who’s happy to offer you tips to reduce the cost of moving house. Talk to Taylor’s Relocations for an affordable relocation service, house moving tips, and removalists who help you shift budget-consciously.

To get you in the right headspace, here are a few pre-move tips to help you save money during your move.

Cull, categorise & clean 

Use the move as an opportunity to reduce your belongings. It seems many houses are overstocked with unnecessary items that we hold onto ‘just because’ or ‘just in case’. Well, now is the time to assess each item and determine what is actually worth shifting to your new house.

Round up your good friends to help and see if someone has a trailer. If not, rent one for the weekend. Get the keys to the new place early, so you can incrementally move over any items you can manage to. Leave the expensive belongings and furniture to your removalist. This way, if anything goes wrong, you’re protected.

Plan ahead. Use a local provider

Don’t do anything last minute. In the lead-up to the move, set aside time on the weekends to start to pack your items. Choose a room that you don’t use every day to sit all the boxes in, like the lounge or spare room. Partnering with a local removalist company for your big items is another cost-saving tip. If they’re just around the corner, you won’t get charged for travel time.

Do as much as you can to move it yourself, then when it comes to your big-ticket items, utilise the skills and resources of a professional removalist team.

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