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Try These 6 Strategies to Downsize Your Household Items

There are two types of people: cullers and hoarders. And you usually find out which one you are when you have to move house! We get how difficult it can be to throw away or donate all those things that you don’t use but keep because they represent a memory… but getting rid of things is important to do, especially if you’re shifting to a smaller home.

For our hoarders, don’t worry. There are plenty of strategies you can follow to help you reduce the clutter pre-move. Here are a few tips to get you in the right headspace.

  1. Have a ‘maybe’ pile

    While this ‘taking’ or ‘leaving’ process is easy for cullers, if you struggle to let things go, add a ‘maybe’ pile. Once you’ve gone through all your items, you’ll probably find the maybe pile is the biggest out of all three. Come back to it with an objective eye the next day. Oh, and a culler friend!

  2. Expect emotional ties

    Be prepared to feel sentimental as you’re sorting through all your items. However, just because something sparks a memory,this doesn’t mean that you should keep it. You’re bound to get emotional about your belongings, especially as you’re saying goodbye to a home, but try to focus on the new memories you will be able to create in your new place, and take advantage of the fresh start.

  3. Go digital

    You don’t have to keep every single physical photo, letter, certificate or book. Pack the important ones and scan the rest. This way, you don’t have boxes of paper that take up space in your home office or storage. Plus, you know you’ll always have a copy that won’t get damaged.

  4. Paperless billing

    While we’re on the topic, reduce the clutter coming into your new house by switching to digital bills for everything.

  5. ‘The old days…’

    There are some items that you’ll want to keep because they remind you of a different time. Maybe it’s CDs, DVDs or old books and equipment. Ask yourself which items you know you’ll never use again. Just keep one item of each category, if you really need to.

  6. Knick-knacks

    If you have an affinity for odd, decorative pieces, you’ve probably accumulated quite a collection. See what you can give to a friend or family member who has the same taste as you, or talk to your local antique/collectibles store. You could even hold a garage sale or list items for sale online.


If you’re looking for a professional removalist team to transport your belongings safely to your new house, contact us. We’re local, experienced, and insured… and we’ll reduce the stress of moving house by taking care of the logistics.


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