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Try these 5 strategies to improve office productivity

Do you work from home? If you answered yes, you’ll know that one of the hardest things is just to stay on task. Working alone is almost an art in itself. When you get up to go to the bathroom, you might also stop by the kitchen and make a snack. A ‘quick break’ to watch the morning news turns into a 30-minute slouch on the couch, and that’s without a peek at social media!

If you’re nodding your head, these strategies are for you. Let’s go through these tips to help you increase your productivity and build structure in your day.

Productive office design

  1. Location matters

    You’ll likely spend hours sitting at your desk. Give yourself the room you need. Don’t squish a tiny desk into a windowless nook in your bedroom just to keep that games room. Think about any nearby distractions or the number of people who will be walking past you.

  2. What’s your work style?

    It’s good to know the environment you’re most productive working in. Is it tucked in a quiet little corner, or is it in the thick of things, surrounded by other people? Use this to best determine your office location.

  3. Organise vertically and horizontally

    Once you’ve got your office spot in mind, make sure you use the space efficiently. Hang floating shelves on the walls to get those notes, pens and other small items off the desk, but still within reach. If you’ve constantly got a big stack of papers on your desk, put them in a basket or drawer. Invest in good storage and you can make even the smallest office look bigger.

  4. Think like a minimalist

    Because it’s a home office, chances are you won’t have too much space. Only buy things that you actually need to avoid cluttering it. Avoid running cords along the floor and fight the urge to cover every part of your wall. Minimalist offices aren’t just about a simple, organised desk. It’s about the entire space.

  5. Moving house?

    Use this opportunity to completely redesign your office. Pick a spot that fits your ideal working style and has access to natural light and has plenty of power outlets. If there’s an area with a beautiful view, try to make this area your office. Giving yourself something nice to look at every day can keep you inspired. Personalise your space so it ‘speaks’ to you.

If you’re looking for a local removalist team to help you shift your office equipment, get in touch. Whether it’s just a few expensive items you want to keep safe or your entire home, we can help.

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