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The 15 things you can’t forget when moving interstate

The 15 things you can’t forget when moving interstate

A change is as good as a holiday. Well, at least this is what we’re told. But there certainly is something to say about new beginnings, like moving interstate.

It’s one of the most exciting, yet unnerving chapters in your life, so take your time. Do your research, know what to expect, and enjoy the journey. We’ve seen dozens of people moving interstate, leave things to the last minute, turning into a stressed, frantic shell of themselves.

We don’t want this to happen to you. Go through moving interstate checklist for tips for a successful move.

Let’s get moving.

The survival guide to moving interstate

It’s time to get organised. Grab a pen and paper, and use this list as a guideline. You’ll have things to add to it yourself, so this is just to get you into the ‘moving’ headspace.

When it comes to moving house, the earlier you start the better. But we all lead busy lives, so aim for a four-week head start, if you can.

Four weeks before the move:

  • Contact your real estate agent or landlord to inform them you’re leaving the rental
  • Fix up any outstanding bills and make sure there are no other ones in the mail
  • Start to collect any packing materials and boxes you’ll need
  • Spend this weekend taking any unwanted items to a charity.
  • Pack all those things lying around in your room that you don’t really need – artwork, lamps, books, and decorative items
  • Create a list while you’re packing. As you pack a box, write a list of everything that’s in it. This will help you when all those boxes look the same in your new space.

Three weeks before the move:

  • Arrange your travel bookings to your new house. Talk to a local removalist to transport your big, important items. If you’re taking a car, plan the route and date you’ll drive there.
  • Contact your new council to find out how you register
  • Research the local supermarket, post office, doctors, hospital, and gymnasium – anything you visit on a weekly basis.

Two weeks before the move:

  • Continue packing all of your items, leaving the most used items to last
  • Contact utility providers to get your electricity, gas, internet, and phone setup.
  • Organise home and contents insurance for your new property.

One week before the move:

  • If required, organise a professional house cleaner to leave your house spotless
  • Clean and empty the fridge, pantry, oven, and microwave
  • Redirect your mail for up to three months, in case there’s someone you’ve forgotten to tell
  • Pack an overnight bag for the first night in your new house.
  • Finalise all of your packing, of course.

Give yourself a few days just to explore your new suburb. This is an important part of making you feel at home, quicker.

Talk to our team of interstate removalists for help.

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