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Stop Worrying About Your Upcoming Move And Do A Spring Clean

Are you thinking about moving house this year, but also wondering how you’re going to fit a move in? Worried about how much time it will take to get organised? Where do you start? With a little preparation and a moving checklist, you won’t have to stress anymore!

As you may have heard before, the key is to prepare early ahead of moving. If possible, start planning for your move around three months out, then work through a checklist of tasks as you approach the moving day. Doing this, you’ll have a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

House moving tips

There’s one big project on your ‘things to do when moving house’ checklist that if you get done early, will really cut down the pre-move stress: a spring clean.

This “clean” is not about spraying and wiping surfaces, but rather focuses on reducing the unnecessary. We all tend to accumulate things over the years and sometimes it’s only when we have to move that we realise just how much we’ve got! You may not even remember everything you have packed away, especially if it’s been there a while. That ‘mystery’ cupboard? All those boxes in the shed? Now is the perfect time to find out what’s in them and work out what needs to go!

It’s easy to leave this task to the last minute or put it in the ‘too hard basket’ when preparing to move house. But chances are, if you don’t remember what items you have stored away, you haven’t used them in a while and you’ll probably find you have a lot of “stuff” not worth hanging on to. Reducing the number of items in your house means less to move – you’ll save time packing (and unpacking) boxes, not to mention save on removalist fees.

Your moving schedule

Just like you’ll do as you’re packing all your items into boxes, tackle your spring clean one room at a time. Initially, you want to build some momentum, especially if you’ve got lots to sort through. For a quick win, start with a smaller room to see just how much you can throw out or give away. There will also be areas of the house that won’t have much to sort through, like the bathroom, so you should be able to get through a few rooms relatively quickly.

Then, tackle the ‘storage’ room. You’ll spend most of your time here, re-discovering, sorting, re-organising, and throwing out household items. Create a pile for things you need to keep but can downsize. For example, do you have a large DVD collection? Why not take them all out of individual cases and transfer to one large folder. Or, if there are movies you know you’ll never watch again, why not donate them for someone else to enjoy.

If you’re able to, start packing any items that you’re keeping (but won’t need to use before the move) into moving boxes at the same time as you’re sorting and spring cleaning -this will save on the packing time later on.

By clearing your calendar for a few weekends of spring cleaning (and even a bit of packing) well before you need to move, you’ll soon find this is one of the easiest ways to minimise moving stress.

Leave the heavy lifting to us

For more moving house tips from our packers and movers, check-in next month. If you’re preparing to move house and need an Adelaide-based removalist who can safely transport all your items from Adelaide to Melbourne, call us.

Let us arrange a quote for your relocation. With us, you don’t need to worry about transport insurance. We take care of that part and will treat your precious possessions with the utmost of care.

Happy spring cleaning!


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