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Should I hire a removalist, or do it myself?

Should I hire a removalist or do it myself

Moving house? Weighing up whether to hire a removalist, or persuade your family and buddies to help you do it yourself (in exchange for beer, of course!)?

The first, and most important, question to ask is ‘have you done it before?’ If you have, you’ll already know how much work is involved, so that will help you to make an informed decision.

Moving house happens in stages, which typically look something like this:

  1. You pack all of your belongings into boxes
  2. You move all of those boxes to your new house
  3. You unpack.

Most of the time, people are happy to take care of number 1 and 3. They do this in their own time, before and after the move. But it’s number 2 (moving all of your items over to your new house), that often requires support. Of course, professionals are available to assist with the other aspects as well, which is handy if you’re time-poor!

Professional removalists vs. DIY

It’s really easy to think you’ll save money by doing it all yourself. And sure, you might, but a lot of us don’t consider the time we need to take off work, as well as other factors which we’ll discuss below.

Firstly there’s the safety factor. Are you equipped to lift and carry out all of those heavy items? Remember, professionals do it everyday, and have specialised equipment to assist them.

If the physical side of things presents no issue for you, that’s great, but it’s also important to consider what will happen if something falls or gets damaged on the journey. A professional removalist will be insured for this type of scenario. It’s their responsibility to ensure your goods are delivered in the same condition they were in when loaded.

People choose removalist companies for their experience. Moving people is what they do everyday! They’re experienced at moving all sorts of items, big and small, and know what preparation and protection is required for each.

When deciding whether or not to move yourself, it’s important to consider how your things will be protected and secured in transit. Do you have padded blankets, strapping etc on hand? Professional removalists will be equipped with theses things to cover and secure your goods. Using the right packing materials and strategies, you get peace of mind that your belongings will arrive safely, without the hassle or damages caused by items moving around or bumping into each other.

It’s also important to have a realistic concept of the volume/size of goods you need to move before you make a decision. Do you have large pieces of furniture? If so will they fit in a trailer, and how many trailer-loads will you need to move everything? Can your car tow a trailer and are you confident enough to manoeuvre one yourself?

If a trailer will be insufficient but you’re still intent on a DIY move, you’ll need to research the costs and factors involved in hiring a truck. Is your licence sufficient for the truck size you’ll need? What are the fuel costs you’ll need to factor in (on top of the hire costs)? Will you be charged per km driven in the truck? These costs can add up quickly, especially if you’ll be moving a long distance or interstate.

Choosing to use a removalist or to do it yourself is completely up to you. Do your research and think about the value of what you’re moving. This should help you make the final call.

If you decide against a DIY move and are looking for a removalist, use us!

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