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Secret packing hacks to make moving easy

How many times have you moved in your life? You might have done it just once, and it took so long that you never want to do it again. Or maybe you just threw everything into boxes, hastily, being short on time—and then spent months looking for things in unpacked boxes in your new home.

Good news- there is a better way! By packing smartly, you’ll save time and a whole lot of headaches.

Packing tips to make moving easy.

Here are five tips to follow when you’re packing up to move house—things we’ve discovered through all the removals and relocations we’ve been a part of over the years.

  1. Leave clothes on hangers

    Chances are you’ve got a lot of clothes. Instead of taking each piece individually off the coat hanger, sit them neatly on top of each other and put them straight into a big bag, suitcase or carton. Alternatively, you can purchase port-a-robe cartons which have a rail inside, so all your clothes remaining hanging during transit. This will make unpacking your clothes a breeze. Just pull them out and hang them straight in the wardrobe at your new home.

  2. Wrap delicate items in towels

    Instead of spending a fortune on bubble wrap, use your towels as a protective layer. Do this for your dishware, glass, and photo frames. Old newspapers can also come in handy for wrapping items that need a bit of extra protection.

  3. Use the right size box for the items you’re packing

    Avoid straining your back by packing heavier items (eg books, wine bottles, crockery etc) into smaller boxes. Larger boxes can be used for lightweight items such as pillows.

  4. Use a sandwich bag for your loose items

    Don’t lose those screws that hold your bed together or the little key for your suitcase!Grab a few press-seal sandwich bags from the kitchen to keep these small pieces safe and all together. Make sure you label the bag so you can identify the contents too. If possible keep the bag of small pieces with the furniture piece/item they belong to so you’re not searching for them when you need them. Alternatively designate one small box for all your bags of screws etc and put it somewhere you’ll be able to get to quickly.

  5. Label your boxes on one side, as well as on the top

    You’re probably going to have a number of unpacked boxes to attend to in your new house for a little while after moving in, and they’ll most likely be stacked vertically, rather than all sprawled out on the floor. When you’re packing, label each box with a room name and brief description of contents on the side, as well as on top of the box – you’ll save yourself time if you don’t have to keep pulling boxes off the stack just to see the box underneath.

While there are plenty of other tips we can go through, these are a few of the main things that we’ve discovered will make a big difference!

Of course if this still seems a bit too hard, or if you’re simply too short on time to get it all done- call us! We’ll take care of the packing (and unpacking) for you.

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