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Moving Your Business Interstate? Here’s How to Prepare for It

Are you getting ready to move (or expand) your business interstate? That’s amazing news! But before you can settle into that new office space, it’s going to take some planning – just like moving house.

When you’re relocating or expanding a business however, you’ll have not only people to think about and manage, but also the new city location, effects on team culture, getting business productivity back up to speed, the emotional transition and of course the cost of moving. The list goes on.

While some of these things won’t be sorted out until after you arrive, there are effective things that you can do in the lead-up to the relocation.

Nailing the logistics side of your business move.

This probably goes without saying, but do your homework, not only on the new office space, but also the surrounding environment. Because you’re probably not familiar with the different identities of suburbs, it can be difficult. But that’s nothing a little bit of research and talking to the right people can’t fix.

Your location makes a statement and says a lot about your brand. Know what first impression it’s giving your customers. Also, consider your specific needs like parking and utilities. Can you prepare your space before you arrive? Do you have someone on the ground there already? If not, give yourself enough of a time buffer to prepare before your grand opening.

Take the time to get to know your landlord, too. Once you move there, meet your landlord and start to build a relationship. If they manage a few properties, they’re a great contact to have if and when you next expand.

The same goes for the other professionals that you’ll need to build relationships with. Spend the time to source a great local plumber, electrician, accountant and lawyer. Being in a new city is a big emotional and physical transition. The greater your business’ support network, the better. Do what you can to develop your business and personal contacts.

Also, make a list of all the tasks that you need to do, too. Things like ‘find an internet provider’ and ‘drop letters in neighbouring offices and buildings’ etc. Delegate tasks and complete them at a rate that’s manageable.

And of course, there’s moving all your physical things. While you can take a few things over if you’re driving, the majority of your company’s belongings will need to be moved safely by a professional removalist. We’ll transport your equipment interstate to your new office, and you’ll be able to better focus on the things that need attention, knowing that your items are safe and insured during the journey. Give us a call today to organise a free quote for your business move.

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