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Move High-Value Objects Without the Headaches

Move High-Value Objects Without the Headaches

Special attention needs to be paid when you move items that have a high value – monetary or sentimental. Whether it is a collectible like a priceless artwork or great grandma’s chinaware, things that can be easily damaged must be protected differently.

One option is to get a mover who is experienced to pack and move it all for you. If this is the route you want to take make sure that they:

  • Have experience moving valuable collectibles;
  • Check for references and feedback online;
  • Make sure they have the appropriate insurance to cover your treasures.

If you feel better packing them yourself before the move, here are our tips to help you move your priceless objects without disaster:

Document each item

This may sound time consuming but believe me it is worth it in the long run. Create an inventory and take pictures. If there are items missing or damaged at the end of the move your images will help with any insurance claim.

Homeowners insurance

We have mentioned already about your movers insurance. Before you move also ensure that your collectibles are covered on your homeowners insurance – this will generally be more comprehensive.


Antique furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, some general rules are:

  • Detach fragile handles and tape them inside drawers;
  • Fasten doors with rubber straps or string – make sure that you don’t mark the surface;
  • With mirrors or glass panels remove them where possible otherwise add padding to protect them;
  • For additional protection you can pack them into wooden crates after they have been securely padded.


Anything that can be easily broken like china or ceramic artworks can be protected by:

  • Bubble wrap – tape it securely around the item;
  • If the item is delicate use tissue paper and pack it in a box with specific compartments;
  • Strong boxes are a must. Make sure that the item cannot move around inside the box and that is firmly taped closed;
  • Use original boxes/packaging where possible;
  • Always mark the boxes clearly as fragile in more than one place on the outside.


Works of art should be packed separately depending on whether they are framed or not:


  • If there is glass on the front place a masking tape X across the glass;
  • Wrap the entire frame in bubble wrap;
  • Use corner protectors on the frame;
  • Place in a strong box with extra padding to make sure that it doesn’t move during transport.

Unframed –

  • DO NOT roll unframed artwork;
  • Put it between layers of strong cardboard and add tape around the edges so the cardboard doesn’t move;
  • Place it vertically in a strong box and add extra padding to ensure that it doesn’t move;
  • If it is a canvas painting use acid free paper first to protect against the wrapping materials.
  • Note: Always transport boxes with artwork vertically.

Moving the small stuff

One last note on moving your valuables. If you just don’t want to trust it to anyone else then of course you move it yourself. This doesn’t apply to your great uncle’s grand piano – there are lots of experts that could do this better than you.

What I am referring to are the small things that will fit into the car and you can safely deposit them in your new home. We all have some of these and moving them yourself just feels right.

When you move house, make sure you think carefully about any high-value and priceless objects that you have, and create a plan for how you will deal with them. That way you can make sure you have everything you need to transport them safely instead of leaving it to the last minute

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