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How to Organise Your Office to Maximise Productivity

Have you ever tried to work in a messy office? It’s not easy. There are plenty of studies that explore the psychology of productivity (and the importance of space). To be productive, three factors come into play: time, space and mindset.

As removalists, we see a lot of offices and workspaces. Some have great layouts, but we also see many with obvious space issues. It’s not always realistic to increase your building size, so in this case, adopting organised office ideas is your best bet.

Let’s focus on working with the space you’ve got.

Be more productive: follow a minimalist’s mindset

When we talk about ‘space’, we’re referring to your environment. Of course, even in the most well-organised workspace, your employees have to do their tasks. But having an organised space sure makes it easier to keep the focus and get things done.  

De-clutter everything – your desk, your cupboards, your email, and your iPhone. While it’s nice to add touches of your personality into the space, it shouldn’t be distracting. Ask yourself: does this item motivate or distract me? You can do this exercise as a team.

Like most offices, your workers usually spend their day sitting at a desk. These workstations should be free of loose papers, books, more than one pen, and files. Our work says a lot about our surroundings, so make sure each workspace is conducive to a productive workflow.

Put in place a system for items. You could have three areas for important documents, the unimportant stuff that needs storing (jackets, umbrellas etc.) and rubbish. Every employee should understand what goes where.

Take this concept one step further by zoning your office. Keep it simple by dividing it into two areas: computer work and non-computer work. Cluster your desks into a section and encourage focus and a quiet ambience. The non-computer area is more casual and can include bean bags, standing desks, the printer, coffee machine and table for group discussions.

Combine better personal productivity systems and office organisation

Tidy, productive offices require individual efforts and a culture that celebrates it. Resources like self-packing containers will be your new favourite thing. Invest in storage and products that’ll help you maintain an organised space.

If you’re about to move, use this time to implement these office organisation ideas to help your business operate better.

Once you’re all organised and ready to move, we can help you transport all your important items over to the new location, stress-free!

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