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How to make your kids feel comfortable in a new home after the big move

There’s a million things you need to think about when moving to a new house. Pack the boxes. Change your address. Redirect your mail. Pay the bills one last time. Clean the place …

The last thing on your mind is worrying about preparing your child for a move. They’ll be okay once we settle in, you think to yourself. And yes, while this might be true, it’s important to involve your children in the process as much as possible.

If you’re moving to a new house with kids, it’s important to get them excited for the move. This is especially important if they’re changing schools, too.

Here are five easy ways to include your kids:

  • Discuss their new room:

Kids love their rooms. Why not use the move to let your child have a say in what they want in it? Something as simple as asking where they want their bed can make them happy. Show them the new space, so they know what to expect before arriving. If the room’s bigger than the one old, you won’t have much trouble making them excited.

  • Pack a treasure box:

Give your child their own packing box to decorate with stickers. Encourage them to put their favourite things in it. They’ll feel ‘just like the adults.’

  • Make a memory book:

Pull out that art gear before you take it to your new house and spend an afternoon getting crafty. Make a book of all your favourite memories in the old house. Your child will love doing this with you – plus, they’ll have something to keep.

  • Saying goodbye:

Even if you’re not moving far, it’s important to let your child say goodbye to the area. Whether it’s visiting a neighbour or playing in the local park, let them enjoy the things they do often. If you can, introduce your child to attractions in your new area – a park, lake or sporting oval.

  • Use books to explain:

Books about moving to a new home can help your child understand why you’re leaving. There are many cartoon books on this topic of readjustment. This article discusses a few books about moving that suit different age groups

It’s also a good idea to pack a ‘survival kit’ for your kids. These items will encourage structure from day one:

  • Drinks and snacks in a lunchbox
  • Paper towels, disposable plates and utensils for meal times
  • Bathroom basics such as toilet paper, soap, toothbrushes and toothpaste
  • A change of clothes and a plastic bag for laundry.

Once you’re in the new house, continue making sure your children are comfortable. Explore the house and area together, connect with neighbours, plan a welcome party, and involve yourself in the community.

If you’re struggling for time during the move, we can take care of the packing, moving and unpacking for you, so you can focus on what really matters – your children.

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