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How to Adjust to Your New Neighbourhood

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Moving house is a big process. It’s physically and emotionally draining to pack up and move everything you own. If you’re switching postcodes, that can add a whole new level of stress as it can bring a lot of changes to your life.

It’s important to take time to get acquainted with your new neighbourhood. Don’t put pressure on yourself to rush the process though. Give yourself room to breathe and time to settle into your new house.

Introduce yourself

After the first few days or when you’re feeling up to it, introduce yourself to your neighbours. Start with the two houses next to you, as well as one or two across the road. This doesn’t have to be a long process – just a quick introduction. You could even invite them over for a glass of wine or dinner one weekend, if you feel like you want to establish some deeper connections. This is a quick way to feel part of your new community.

Throw a housewarming – and invite the neighbours

Alternatively, why not plan a housewarming with your friends and family, and invite the neighbours to drop by? This takes the pressure off and gives them the opportunity to get to know you if they want. It even helps your neighbours meet each other, strengthening the local community!

Be a team player

Are there any community sports teams in your new neighbourhood? Join the local team for your favourite sport. It’s a great way to meet new people and stay fit at the same time.

Jump at any chance to attend local events or even volunteer in your area. It’ll start to feel like your community in no time.

Be a tourist in your own backyard

Think with the mind of a traveller. What would someone do if they first visited the area? Go for walks to explore the area, visit nearby attractions, and eat out at the different restaurants. Have fun with this part! In the process, you’ll find your local supermarket, post office, gym etc, and maybe even a new favourite shopping spot. ‘Travelling’ your new neighbourhood will be fun and you’ll quickly get familiar with every special nook, which you can then recommend to others. By supporting local businesses in your area, you’re also helping to strengthen and build your community.

If you’re getting prepared to move suburbs, talk to us. You don’t have to do it alone. We help families move house without the stress. Whether you need help transporting a few big items or packing (and unpacking) your whole house, we’re here.

We’ll get your items to your new home, safely and affordably. Smart move!

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