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Cost-cutting Strategies for Relocating Offices

Moving office is also an opportunity for a spring clean. Work life gets busy and when you’ve got employees, that big clean out might only happen once a year (or even less frequent).

Before you start ticking off things on your moving checklist, put your minimalist ‘hat’ on and start culling. The less you take, the cheaper the move will be.

Start with DIY office moving.

Then hire a removalist.

The main items you’ll move will be furniture, computers and equipment, appliances and interior design components. Where you can, get staff to pack their own work stations. They’ll probably want to do this anyway, so they know where everything is. Set aside two hours at the end of the week, order pizza, and do the vetting together.

Doing this step as a team will also help you decide how much storage is needed in the new space. If you need to, limit the volume of items that people can bring over. The team-building can continue once your removalists have come and gone. This way, you save money on hiring contractors.

Be wary of the hidden costs that you might not even consider. Things like loss of productivity and revenue, staffing costs, marketing expenses, new IT setup and insurance needs. Don’t be afraid to put your team to work, but this may be done out of hours so the work still gets completed. Reward them, though, so they don’t feel like they’re working after 5.00PM for nothing.

Consider the materials you’ll need to re-print to reflect the new address. Business cards alone could cost hundreds if you have a big team. Your insurance costs might increase, too. It’s also important to set cash reserves for things like professional cleaning.

Calculate your moving costs.

It’s not just about cutting costs of move itself, but your ongoing expenses. Think long-term, not just what you can do now to save money. By getting rid of a lot of unnecessary items, can you downsize to a smaller office? Does your staff prefer using their own laptop? Sell the desktops and give your staff a small yearly allowance in return.

There’s many ways to cut costs when you’re relocating. Think outside the box.

Don’t forget to add the removalist into your business expenses. If you’re moving office in Adelaide or Melbourne, call us.

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