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5 ways to protect your valuable items moving house

5 ways to protect your valuable items moving house

Moving everything you own to a new house takes hard work. It can feel like your full-time job for a few weeks in the lead-up to the move.

You need a game plan. While going back and forth from your old to new house with box after box seems logical, there are things you need to think about.

The main thing you want to avoid is damaging your household items. It’s best to leave your big, expensive items to the removalist company. A professional company will offer removal insurance as part of their package. This often includes transit cover and repair or replacement of goods (in the case of damage).

Remember that game of Tetris? Removalists are tetris experts. They know how to position each item perfectly to fit safely in the moving truck.

You too can become a packing pro. Follow these five tips to reduce any damage during a house move.

How to protect your breakable items

  1. Glasses & plates

    That sound of a glass breaking is all too familiar for DIY movers. A simple, yet effective way to protect your glasses and plates is wrapping them in tea towels. If you can hear them rattling, wrap another layer for cushioning.

  2. Artwork

    Art often comes in odd sizes, so it’s common to put it aside and leave it to last. We pack it into our cars without giving much thought to protection. To avoid damaging unique, expensive art, grab a box that it could comfortably fit in. Line the bottom with crumpled paper, carefully place the artwork the box, and position paper on both sides. Bubble wrap is also a great option.

  3. Mirrors

    If you’ve got a big, long box that fits your mirror, place it in, surrounded by bubble wrap. But if you’re worried about breaking it, leave it for your removalist to transport.

  4. Wine & liquor bottles

    Chances are, if you’ve lived in your old house for a few years, you’ll have a wine or liquor collection. These bottles can easily break, so it’s best to organise a divided box. You can buy these from speciality wine shops. If you can, choose smaller boxes so they’re easy to carry.

  5. Appliances

    Although your appliances aren’t necessarily fragile, they need to be treated with care. You don’t want to lose part of your coffee machine or the chord to your portable stereo. Don’t pack your appliances on top of each other. If you can find the original boxes, that’s the best way to promote safe transporting. If not, sit each item carefully around bubble wrap.

Follow these tips to make your house move unbreakable.

Contact us if you’re looking for a moving company with full insurance coverage for your items.

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