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5 tips for quickly unpacking after a move

Moving house soon? You’re probably frantically trying to pack and get everything sorted out. If you’re taking time off work, chances are it’s in the lead-up to moving day.

However, there’s one important part of this process that people forget – or at least don’t allow enough time for- what to do after the move. For busy people, it can take months to complete the unpacking, which can make it harder to settle in and for the house to really feel like home.

Here are five tips for unpacking your new house.

Unpack like a pro

  1. Break it down by room

    Start with the most important rooms, like the kitchen and bedrooms. You’ll need to start to prepare meals not long after you move in, so get your kitchen sorted first. Begin unloading all your necessities – cooking utensils, food, silverware, and tableware. Power up your appliances and put any food in the fridge and pantry. In the bedrooms, set up the beds and unpack quilts and pillows for your first night.

  2. Create an unpacking calendar

    To prevent all those boxes collecting dust, make a packing calendar and stick it on the fridge. It can be as simple as marking which day you’ll unpack what box. Try to unpack a specified minimum number of boxes on each of these days.

  3. Sort your boxes

    In the meantime, set aside your boxes in one designated area (eg a spare room). Group them together to avoid having them scattered all over your house, which can make the unpacking task more overwhelming.

  4. Set goals

    Keep yourself accountable by writing down little goals for yourself. Enjoy a reward at the end of each week when you meet your goals. It could be a fun activity that you can do in your new area, which is a good way to meet new people too. Use whatever tactics work for you. Play music, pour a glass of wine or bring your friends in to help.

  5. Give thought to design

    Unpacking isn’t just about getting stuff out of boxes. You have to rearrange everything in a way that matches the style of your new home, as well as your living style. Think about the position of your couch in relation to your TV. Consider where to set up your bed so you can wake up to natural light. Use this opportunity to ‘design’ your house.

Moving house is a significant process, but you don’t have to do it alone. If you’re short on time or you simply want someone else to do the unpacking, talk to us. We help families moving between Adelaide and Melbourne move house from start to finish and will do everything we can to make the process easier for you.

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