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5 things everyone forgets when moving house

We can’t stress this enough. Moving house is hard work. Most of the time, you have to fit it in between all the other things you’re busy doing – work, looking after your family, playing sport etc.

You grab a few spare boxes and start packing your stuff. You’re so focused on getting out of your old house that you forget what’s ahead. As a result, the stresses don’t stop, even once you’re in your new house.

Boxes everywhere. Mess all over. And you’ve got no idea about your new area… we all do it. So, this article is dedicated for all of us moving house.

Follow our 10 tips for moving house – things we often forget.

  • Label your boxes

This is something many of us forget to do. Although it seems obvious, we get into the rhythm and just shove things in boxes. Once we reach our new house, we have no idea where everything is. Label all of your boxes, such as toiletries, clothes, shoes, utensils, and snacks.

  • Have an ‘essentials box’

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you’ll remember that one box with all of your important stuff in it. Once you’re in your new house, that box will probably look the same as the others. Mark ‘essentials’ on the box so you have easy access to the stuff you use everyday.

  • Use professional packing materials

It’s always hard to calculate the amount of things you can move yourself. What you can do, however, is purchase the correct packing materials, to make life easier. Many removal companies can help guide you with the materials you might need – boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap etc.

  • Re-direct mail, change of address

It’s easy to forget to tell the companies you use that you’ve moved. Before you get into your new house, call your health insurance, car insurance, car rego, doctor, dentist and anyone else and tell them your new address. While you’re making calls, give Australia Post a buzz and ask them to re-direct your mail. Do this at least a week before you move.

  • Collecting all the right keys

Have you just got one key to your new house? What about the keys to lock the windows, the screen door, the garage or gate? Make sure you check that you have all the keys you’ll need on moving day.

You might feel like you’ll never reach the end of your moving to-do list, but you will. Just break it down and tackle one tip every day, or every weekend.

If you need a hand making the move, get in touch with us.

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