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5 Stress-reducing Tactics for When You’re Moving House

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Moving house, while exciting, can be emotionally overwhelming. You have to say goodbye to a place where years of memories were made. You’re likely to experience a mixture of emotions – sadness, excitement, and happiness – and probably in that order.

Before you can be happy and comfortable in your new place, you have to get through the ‘stress’ stage. The best thing to do is learn about how you can prepare for this, and reduce your stress levels naturally.


Your go-to stress relief activities (without the red wine)

What works for you might not be your hubby’s thing, but that’s okay. These are just some tips to get you thinking about how to reduce stress and tension.


  1. Delegate

Round up your moving crew and make sure you know their strengths-assign tasks accordingly. For example, your sister might be awesome at keeping your boxes organised, so that should be her job (rather than doing something like heavy lifting which may be better suited to someone else). Grab a big sheet of paper and assign tasks to each person, then stick it up on the fridge or somewhere else that’s easily visible to all.


  1. Know your stress triggers

Learn to identify the things that make you feel stressed. Do you feel overwhelmed simply thinking about juggling moving with your job? Maybe it’s the more the emotional side – like uprooting your family and worrying about how your kids will adapt. Recognise what that trigger is so you can deal with it, and take time to address each concern separately.


  1. Focus on your breathing

Deep breathing is a simple yet effective tool to help manage stress. It can be done at anytime, anywhere. Did a box just break? Take a couple of minutes for yourself outside. Shut your eyes and take 10 deep breaths. You’ll instantly feel more relaxed.


  1. Small, actionable steps

Instead of focusing on moving the whole house, focus on one room at a time. This way, you’ll break it down into seven or eight mini moves. You can pick two rooms per weekend, so in a month’s time, you’re all ready to go. Honing in on individual rooms rather than the whole house feels more manageable.


  1. Eat well & sleep lots

Relocating is both physically and emotionally tiring. Protect your most valuable asset, you, by eating great foods and sleeping eight hours a night. Don’t skip meals or rely on takeaway a lot. The same goes for coffee and energy drinks. If you can, cook a few meals in bulk in the lead-up so you can just pull them out of the freezer and re-heat.


Then, once you’re done, it’s wine time: the fun stress reducer!

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