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10 tips to save money moving house

10 tips to save money moving house

Moving house is a big job. It takes weeks of preparation. But if you plan ahead, you can save money in the process. If you’ve moved house before, you know costs can quickly add up. Don’t dread the end of your lease. Look at it as an new challenge.

Let’s look at 10 ways you can save money, moving house.

  1. DIY vs. professional services

    Write a list of all the things that you’re comfortable doing. Things like packing everything into boxes, moving light goods, and cleaning. But there will be tasks that are best left to the professionals. While you can dismantle your bed, removalists can transport it to your new house, safely. The same goes for all your other heavy, expensive items.

  2. Don’t pay for boxes

    You’re going to need a lot of boxes. You’ll spend hundreds of dollars if you buy them. Instead, you can buy used removalist boxes, take spare boxes from your office or ask at your local supermarket. If that fails, ask your friends. There will be someone you know who has empty boxes you can use.

  3. Coordinate with your utility providers

    To avoid the lag between when you move, and stop paying for a service, talk to your utility providers before you plan the move. Line up the cycle with your moving date so you’re not paying for anything you’re not using.

  4. Sell your old items

    Take this opportunity to de-clutter your home and make a buck. Follow this rule: If you haven’t used it in six months, you don’t need it. You’ll save time moving over to your new house.

  5. Wrap items using clothes

    For the small, fragile items you’re moving across yourself, use clothes to keep them safe. Wrap vases, picture frames, and other delicate things in clothing, bed linen, and towels.

  6. Clean as you go

    If you leave the cleaning until the end, you’ll probably look at the mess and say, ‘let’s just hire a professional cleaner.’ Grab a spray and wipe, and clean on the go. Trust us, it makes the world of difference.

  7. Stock your new fridge

    When everything is packed away in boxes, takeaway is an attractive option. This becomes a habit across multiple nights. But add up $30 every evening for a week and it’s far from cheap. Stock your fridge with a few essentials so you can cook a simple meal. Just give yourself one night off, to settle into your new home.

  8. Rely on your friends

    Ask your friends and family to help you move all the small stuff. It’s quicker and makes the process a whole lot simpler. Plan an ‘unpacking day’ so there’s room when your removalist comes to drop off your big items.

  9. Avoid additional insurance

    The costs can soon add up if you take out extra insurance cover. The best way to do this is move the small items that can’t get damaged. Leave the sentimental, expensive items to your removalist. Choose a team who is covered by transit insurance.

  10. Know your new suburb

    Spend a couple of hours acquainting yourself with your new area. Locate the essentials – the supermarket, service station, chemist, and shops. If you need anything, you won’t spend money rushing back to your old suburb.

One last important point to consider is how much time you need to take off work. if you’re going to take a week off without pay, hire a team to take care of the whole process – packing, moving everything across, and unpacking.

Talk to our removalists if you need support moving to your new home.

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