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10 Actionable Tips Before Moving House

10 Actionable Tips Before Moving House

Moving house doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. We have 10 simple tips to help you relocate without the headaches.

  1. Make a list: To start to get an idea of how big your move will be, make a list of all of your possessions. This will also help you for insurance purposes, so you know exactly what you own and what it’s all valued at.
  2. Buy supplies: Boxes, packing tape, bubble wrap and packing paper are your essentials. Set aside 10 boxes to pack last minute items on moving day, such as clothing, bedding, utensils and some food. Newspaper is also really handy if you’re moving – so don’t throw away your old newspapers once you’re done reading them.
  3. Label everything: When packing, label all of your boxes by room and/or contents. For example, “kitchen” or “clothes”. DO NOT skip this step! Take it from the experts, it saves a lot of double handling when you know where each box goes from the get go. If you have early access to your new house, consider putting up signs so the removalists know which room to put each box in.
  4. Colour coordinate: Another good way to organise your boxes is by colour coordinating. All you need to do is mark each box with permanent texta pen – for example, red for the kitchen and blue for the bathroom.
  5. Don’t lose any mail: As soon as possible, start making a list of every letter that comes in and write down their contact details. When you’re due to leave shortly contact every company you receive mail from and update your address. It’s also a good idea to visit Australia Post and arrange for your mail to get redirected.
  6. Back up files: It’s a good idea to back up your important computer data before you move. This includes photos, music and documents. Buy an external hard drive and transfer all your data onto it, just in case anything happens to your computer.
  7. Dismantle furniture early: If you can, dismantle any pieces of furniture that you don’t need in the lead up to the move. Try to leave adequate access so you can still live comfortably until the removalists arrive.
  8. Check your white goods moving instructions: Before your white goods are moved, check the manufacturers’ booklet. This is especially important with fridges and washing machines, as they can be easily damaged during the move. It’s a good idea to turn off your fridge the day before so you can defrost and clean it. Also turn off and drain your washing machine too.
  9. Transit insurance: Before you start moving anything to your new house, talk to both your removalist and insurance company to find out what you’re insured for. You need to make sure you will be covered by one or the other in case of any issues. You can read more about what our moving insurance covers.
  10. Check access: Have a look at the entry options available at each end of your new home. There might be obstacles such as stairs or small entrances that you need to let your removalist know so they can find a solution.

There’s no doubt moving is stressful, but by making sure you’re prepared as early as possible, you can make it a lot easier. Talk to Taylor’s Relocations about your move today.


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